Fifth Gear's Season 22 Premiere Airs Next Monday, Vicki Fights Jets With a Boxster S

You wait ages for the new season of a new TV car show and, typically, two come along at the same time. After Top Gear’s premiere on January 27 on BBC, Fifth Gear’s debut episode of the 22nd season will air in a week’s time, on Monday, February 11 on the Discovery Channel.
The first two teasers about one of the first episodes’ stories are now available. They include Vicki Butler-Henderson, a very yellow Porsche Boxster S, an airfield runway and the world’s largest civilian aerobatic display team.
Yellow Porsche Boxster S
Yellow Porsche Boxster S
It’s the French-based Breitling Jet Team, which flies seven Aero L-39 “Albatros” jets. The L-39 is a Czech-built trainer that has been produces in nearly 2,800 units and has served with 30 air force units around the world.
As it is being replaced by the newer L-159, many have been sold to civilians; in fact, they are very popular in the States, too, due to their relatively low cost, which ranges between US$200,000-300,000, and probably the most famous owner is auto industry exec Bob Lutz.
You can view the videos of Vicki explaining the challenge and making gunning the 315HP open-top Porsche in the runway right after the break.
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